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yo ! i am ashley ^^ I love Free Software and privacy
im a Transgender (MtF) finromantic / Finsexual and polynomrous piano player, catgirl (nya~), shitposter, geography nerd ,and developer. im from İzmir, Turkey btw.
i dont like big tech, and i dont support em!! everything i do is free software (Even this site!)

im also anarco queer and libsoc :3

i support free software. I run Trisquel gnu/linux-libre on a acer aspire 5750G - i use the guix package manager as well.
You may have heard or read critical statements about stallman; Please make up your own mind.
Im also an Member On FSF
I am also the co-author of do ask to ask

Opinion - Memes n stuff - Poke - Do not use drm! - Why Call it GNU/Linux? - The Javascript trap - Upgrade from windows - 1984 (pdf) - GPG KEYS - Why not ""open""" ""source""

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whats bad about : Google - Facebook - - Apple - Netflix - Spotify - Discord - Zoom


My Matrix:
My discord Name*: Ashley0143
My revolt nickname: @Ashley#3600 (i am not active there anymore)
Mail me! (yes, i try to respond to these mails owo) (GPG)

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Im not in any "webring" nor do i support em - please dont add my domain to "webrings"

*:not recommended to talk to me on: it requires nonfree JavaScript. i dont like discord because of it. but you can use a free client to talk to me like GTKCORD.

ty glitch for hosting this website <3 Source Code

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